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Let’s just cut the shit for a minute and say it: electronic dance music is the stupidest music on the planet. It even has a fittingly dumb name, EDM, which makes me cringe every time I see it. More so than the acronym, though, the reason it sucks is because the amount of talent required to perform it is precisely none. Case in point: Paris Hilton recently made her DJ debut in Brazil. She can’t give a competent on-screen blowjob—Christ, you just put it in your mouth and spin your head around like Linda Blair—but she sure can throw down Gotye remixes and Avicii tracks to big crowds. ” The question is more than the lyric of a canonical, ambient house track called “Little Fluffy Clouds” from 24 year-old UK production legends The Orb. It evokes an entire era of '90s electronic music, when dance parties were called raves, and The Orb were the undisputed leaders of the “chill-out room” — a downtempo, oft-weed-saturated section of the rave offering a counter-point to the high-energy techno and house in the main room. After 13 albums and more than 700,000 records sold, The Orb's Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann have returned this year to 'Fluffy' - as it's colloquially known - with an even more legendary partner: - reggae icon Lee “Scratch” Perry, the 76-year-old producer of Bob Marley, Keith Richards, George Clinton and the Beastie Boys, who helped pioneer dub in the late '60s. A half-crazy, half-brilliant, sun-baked weirdo that wagers is among the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time — Scratch still tours and records, and The Orb got him alone for six days in the East German boondocks, where they jammed and recorded to create LP It's a must-listen for the legions of Orb and Scratch fans, with highlights including “Golden Clouds” (official video) , a re-work of “Little Fluffy Clouds” featuring Perry describing the skies of his youth in Jamaica. [Cue dreamy guitar loop and stony downtempo beats.]“So, Mr. Techno remix 2012 cannabis eclipse zip rar for windows 7 Stream Antonio de Angelis - Eclipse Chris Page Remix - Translucent by Chris Page from desktop or your mobile device Techno remix - 2015 CANABIS eclipse добавить в избранное. TeChNo rEmIx - 2012.