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How to be a star at work pdf hello good morning mp3 One should be a star to grab opportunities in the workplace. To be successful, one should work hard and find ways how he/she can shine at work. He/she should.

Ruthlessness and initiatives go on quite well with each other. Network smartly Create network/s of people who can be useful with expert knowledge, who are often unique in some aspect, and do it on a constant basis. These people may include people in your present company, from past jobs, or you have crossed paths while doing other things in life, or you have deliberately sought them out and made friends (this is smart), knowing you may need them one day. Be prepared to cut your losses and move on to another project whenever an initiative is no longer worth pursuing. A successful career is a we doing the best we can to bring value to other people, in a particular field, hopefully without rubbing many the wrong way, and at the end of it, we feel, yes that's all I wanted to do in this short life of mine, and a very small part of us hoping some people along the way would have said, 'yes, that one was okay'. Take initiatives Do stuff (useful for the employer, starting with the most important task- getting more business) that no one else is doing. At the back of your mind, always calculate the odds of success of the initiative and how you might come out in front of the bosses. You don't need to start panic, not knowing who to call, if you already know people who might help. For example, if you want to be a lawyer, make friends with the people in law enforcement area and in the courts, they say. Manage yourself at work Always focus on the goal, which is, as long as you are doing useful stuff for the employer (whoever is paying the bill), as long as you bring value, you are on the right path. Never shirk from the accountability and responsibility inherent with every job. Get the big picture Every thing you do at work, every task, every project, every initiative, and of course every difficult thing at work, look at all these objectively. Also, focus on whether your career goals and values are in alignment with what you are doing right now. Use time savers without compromising on quality of work. Look at all this also from the point of view of customers, competitors, co-workers and the bosses. See where you are and where things in this bigger whole that is your workplace. From a lowly sales assistant to head of a magazine empire (okay, our magazine empire), Cathie Black has boldly gone where no woman has gone before. Here, in a preview of her forthcoming book, Basic Black, she shares her unorthodox (dare we say daredevil) strategies for getting ahead. Thousands of years ago, a handful of fortune-tellers roamed ancient China, traveling to the palaces of Mandarins and predicting the future. When they were right, they were showered with riches and praised at lavish banquets. Taking a risk is scary when you focus on what can go wrong and exciting when you consider the benefits if all goes well. The trick is to think about risk in the right way and use it to your advantage. How to be a star at work pdf colors of the wind mp3 Author of the national Business Week and best-seller, How to Be a Star at Work Nine. Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed, Robert. One should be a star to grab opportunities in the workplace. To be successful, one should work hard and find ways how he/she can shine at work. He/she should.